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Thursday, February 18, 2010

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For now you can keep up with my "Adventures" and those wonderful baseball road trips and the wonderful "stuff" I usually chat about especially "my cool kids" and their kids..
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Friday, December 28, 2007

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all of our family and friends.
The west coast Herman family came east for Hanukkah. It was a wonderful visit, especially introducing Elijah William to his East coast gang. A thrill for Mom Mom Emmy and Grandpop Nate. The are so lucky to have met their great grand son! Brad and Karin are just amazing parents. It warms my heart to see their love and compassion for each other and their son. Aunt Julie and Uncle Shawn hung out with us for the week and willingly jumped in when needed. We celebrated Shabbat /Hanukkah @ OYRTemple Beth Am, this brought back so many good memories. As we are about to welcome in 2008, they are back on the West Coast. I am thrilled that we will visit the west coast again in January. So until then..Enjoy this wonderful picture of the most amazing grandson of ours!!
Happy 2008, a Healthy and Happy one to all!!


Sunday, October 21, 2007

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On Saturday September 29th @ 3:21 PM, Elliot and I became known by different names, You may now address us as Mom Mom Sandy & Pop Pop Elliot, we are the very proud grandparents of Elijah William Herman 8 lbs, 12 oz, 22" long, son of Brad K and Karin M Herman and MA Sharon also joins us with the bursting of Joy. Elijah sure took his good old time arriving. We arrived on the west coast on 9/12 (wed) after Karin endured a 12 hr labor that stopped on the previous Sunday. So we thought wed would be good, we could spend the High Holidays with them for the 1st time in 10 years. And that we did, and wait we did, and changed hotels we did after changing rooms twice due to lack of internet connections, Oh, yes, we were running our East coast business from the west, Elliot was amazing with his new compuer and me my MAC, yes, I have turned to a MAC after 28 years using a PC, I love it, I can visit with Elijah thru I=Viceo chat. and more waiting, each time Karin visited the doc, we still got no answers, lots of good food, way too many calories, lots of baseball, YES, of course I wait 14 years for the Phillies to make the playoffs, and they do, and i am in LA, not Philly, so there went those playoff tix, not to me, but to "Aunt Julie" Elijah's favorite aunt.(from scratch). So on 9/15 we became residents of the FP Sheraton in Culver City, a small hotel whos employees became family to me.They treated me like royalty, moved us to a suite that had 2 rooms so I would not be banished to the cafe each morning. I did find a lovely gal @ The Howard Hughs center, Cammy, she was the caretaker of my nails (hands and feet) We shared Yom Kippur with Brad & Karin's congreation which was so heart warming for us, they are so beloved by their congreation. Finally in the early morning of fri 9/28 Karin was admtted to the hosp. Cedar Siani, it was Sukkot, they had a beautiful Sukkot with goodies, it was so nice. We knew tha this was going to be a very long day, not knowing at the time that is was going to be 34 hours later before he would make his appearance into this world. After 29 hrs, Karin had an ediduril, and it was 34 hrs before it was decided that a C-sec would be best. At that point, it was only an hour or so before Brad text us with the good news. Everyone was good. Go to the website to see the next few days, the first meeting with us, the trip home, the bris, Brad with his I Phone has this site updated multiple times a day..ENJOY
Now the goal is to get to see them all more often! Elijah has changed our lives, brought us hope and gratitude!!

Friday, July 20, 2007

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Sandy & Elliot had the baseball trip of a lifetime
From July 5th through July 11th we traveled to Denver to see our Phillies play @ Coors field, stopped @ Coors brewery and did the tour and drank beer.
Visited the Red Rocks, Buffalo Bills Grave and museum, It was just amazing traveling through Colorado. Last time we did that was "THE BIG RED ADVENTURE" Driving Brad's 2003 red 5 speed MINI Cooper out Las Vegas via lots of ball parks.

Our trip continued in San Francisco when Janet and Brad picked us up at the airport with Brad holding a sign like he was a LIMO driver reading "PARENTS"..Quite a sense of humor that son (soon to be dad) has.
Yes, In aprox 9 weeks Brad and Karin will be the proud parents of Elijah William Herman, and we will be better known as Pop Pop Elliot and Mom Mom Sandy!!

Brad and Janet went with us to the A's vs Mariners game in Oakland, lots of excitement with a bench emptying event. Brad and Elliot were off to the Legends game @ AT&T Park, while Janet and I were off to Fan Fest @ Mascone center, we had such fun. Later that night we went to the "Slanted Door" Brads all time favorite restaurant in the Ferry Building. We had the most awesome,visual,tasty and enjoyable evening. It was an experience to remember.
Sadly to say as we approached Monday Morning, Brad was off to Oakland on BART and on a flight back to LA, yes he had to go directly to work, but it was a whirlwind Sat thru Mon.
Monday July 8th was the 35th anniversary of Sandy & Elliot's 1st date!!
And in Nov will be married 33 years!!

Mon it was off to Fun Fest and then the Home Run Derby. We went to the park early, and I camped out near the rail @ 1st base side where our seats were 10th row behind 1st base. Only problem, it was the dugout of the American League..and I was wearing a Ryan Howard Phillies shirt.. Low and behold, right in front of me in the VIP seats was Ryan Howard's family. His son, mom, dad, brother etc. I was chatting with his son who was all smiles when he saw "HOWARD" 6 on the back of my shirt.. then we saw the Philly Phanaitc, again, all smiles. I had a lovely chat with his mom, as we both have very successful sons. It was an awesome evening in a ball park full of excitement, and jut think the next day would be the actual ALL STAR GAME.
So Tues morn it was up early and off to Fisherman's warf to meet Janet for lunch, Boudin's of course, corn & Crab chowder in a famous bread bowl. The I had to find myself a new "FISHERMAN" warf shirt as it is the coolest thing that my maiden name (fischer_ and married name )herman) are in one name on that shirt. Found cool ones @ Crazy shirt and we were on our way back to the hotel and off to the game.
I hung out this time during batting practice @ 3rd base where the National League dugout was. Now I made some really nice friends around me. Yelled out to Matt Holiday to throw an 'old lady' a ball and he did. The usher a really nice guy, had pointed to me for him to throw the ball. It had the official Home Run Derby logo on it, and i was a very happy camper.
As the game began, the San Fran symphony was playing the national anthem, just amazing to be a participant in person. Now we realize that Orlando Hudson's mom was sitting behind us, we became fast friends, again mother to mother. Chase Utley,Aaron Rowand,and Cole Hamels were all on this All Star team representing the Phillies.
I bought an ALL STAR Chase Utley #26 Jersey @ fan fest and was proudly wearing it on top of my RED Utley Phillies shirt. The National league had their chances in the 9th Inning, but it was not meant to be. Aaron Rowand made the final out with bases loaded. It would have been real sweet for him to hit that grand slam like he did in Philly vs White Sox on that afternoon that Jim Thome returned to Philly, now that was sweet plus:)
As we left the stadium, I was so grateful that we had the opportunity to fullfill a life long dream of mine and attend an ALL STAR Week.
we also visited the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum in Denver and were able to bring back some very special gifts for Julie, our master quilter. We also went to a famous quilt shop in Denver and got an autographed book for Julie that put an ear to ear smile on her face.
Now that it is after midnight eastern time I will say g'bye for now, for I have my new HARRY POTTER in my hands and it is calling my name, I will cherish each and every page and I will not want it to end..
Batter UP Harry!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Happy Anniversary Brad and Karin

Happy 1st Anniversary Brad and Karin!
With wonderful memories of a year ago, we wish you a Happy Anniversary. We are so very excited about becoming grandparents in September!
Can't wait to spoil Elijah.
There will be no shortage of Phillies, EAGLES,Flyers,76ers,Phila Soul.. clothing,I think you get the picture!


Friday, April 27, 2007

Honoring Jackie Robinson

On Monday night 4/23/07, we had the honor to attend the Phillies vs Astros game in which the Great Jackie Robinson #42 was honored. It was a very memorable ceremony honoring Jackie and his son threw out the 1st pitch. All the players wore #42 in his honor. It really inspired the Phillies to have a great outing that night and have 20 hits and score lots of runs!! It was April, but more like a summer night..It was a perfect night for baseball and an evening filled with inspiration and fun!!
I have a great pix to post, but for technical reasons, it is not appearing!! I will make additional attempts!!
Let's go Phillies!!
There is baseball in the air!!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Valley Girls


The Valley Girls @ the Miller wedding, left to right sitting, Maryclaire & Linda, standing left to right, Nancy,Sandy,Judy & Sandy.. SO Nice to all be together, It doesn't happen too often these days! We need to remember to take the time to celebrate the good times!!
A Healthy, Safe and Happy Holiday season to all!! Posted by Picasa